Workshops of Local Culture

[THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH / THE BROTHERHOOD SINGERS / ARCHEstra / EWA GROCHOWSKA -  Vocal Workshops / MACIEJ FILIPCZUK -  ARCHEstra / PAWEŁ GROCHOCKI - The Brotherhood Singers   We invite you to participate in regular music workshops! You...


Stop! Gallery

Stop! Gallery is a permanent contemporary art exhibition in the public space of Lublin set up in 2015. We are planning to continually expand our collection with works of acclaimed figures and talented young artists from  Poland and abroad. We...


John Cage Year

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birthday of American composer John Cage, the Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives CROSSROADS organized John Cage Year with participating artists from all over the world. The program included events during which Cage’s own...


Experimental Music Scene

Experimental Music Scene is a project embracing a variety of meetings, dramas, workshops and concerts. Our aim is to offer the audience experimental and improvised music in all its varieties. We provide opportunities to learn about unknown or peripheral fields...

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