Voluntary service


To register your participation simply complete the short form. The decision about admission to the group of volunteers is made by the promoters. They will contact you via email. Volunteers who are under the age of eighteen are asked to provide a document with the guardian’s signed consent.


To receive a certificate and references, please submit a request to the person managing at the office of the CICI CROSROADS.

Please send your questions to the following e-mail address:



Apprenticeships are free. They take place stationary at the headquarters of CICI CROSSROADS in Lublin. The duration of the apprenticeships are adapted to the personal preferences and needs of the apprentice. We invite you to contact us and mention that announcement are accepted all year round.

Please send your questions to the following e-mail address:


We offer:

  • the increasing of knowledge about art and culture
  • an active participation in the projects being realised by CICI CROSSROADS
  • the admission to all events being organized by the CICI CROSSROADS
  • the opportunity to establish contacts with artists from around the world
  • an interesting work with a team of experiencedand ambitious specialists
  • the flexible working hours

Work obligations:

  • to maintain contacts with cultural institutions
  • to participate in projects of CICI CROSSROADS
  • to co-create content for websites and social media of CICI CROSSROADS
  • to provide the assistance in office and during the organization and implementation of events

Our expectations:

  • flexible thinking
  • reliability and commitment
  • advanced interpersonal and presentation skills
  • interest in selected aspects of culture and art

Please send your curriculum vitae to the following e-mail address:

Please fill up the INFORMATION CLAUSE

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