About us

The Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives CROSSROADS is a municipal cultural institution, operating in Lublin since 2008. The Centre’s activity is firmly rooted in the locality of the region, but we inscribe our experiences in a universal perspective and we try to match global trends with the peculiar practices of our everyday life.

We strive to constantly confront the living traces of traditional cultures with the utopias of the twentieth-century avant-garde and new artistic explorations. We try to release the subdued energy that the meeting of tradition with the art of modernism and postmodernism gives, revealing forgotten meanings and inscribing them into the contemporary context.

The Centre’s ambition is to undertake bold, risk-bearing initiatives, penetrating unknown territories and cultural “crossroads”. We look at the processes of meeting, dialogue and confrontation, inspiring attitudes of tolerance and social responsibility.

We want artistic activities to become a vehicle of cultural change, to co-create the foundations of a new sensitivity and to give thought to future things. We organise the CODES Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music, the Open City Festival of Art in Public Space and other cultural projects.

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