CICI Crossroads is a municipal cultural institution, operating in Lublin since 2008, nearby the oldest and most tenacious cultural border in Europe. This place calls for reflection, practicing anthropology, making an effort to understand others, noticing the multitude of cognitive perspectives and for sensitivity to cultural idioms.

The activity of the Center have been deeply-ingrained in the localities of the region. At the same time, however, our experience is given a universal perspective and the worldwide trends are matched with peculiar practices of our everyday lives.

We strive to constantly confront still vivid traces of traditional cultures with utopias of the twentieth-century avant-garde and new artistic pursuits.

Moreover, CICI Crossroads tries to release the energy coming from the clash of modern and postmodern art,  unearth the forgotten and give way to new meanings in the contemporary context.

Our ambition is to adopt bold, risk-bearing initiatives, taking up new challenges and penetrating uncharted territories.

Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives is focused on traditional and contemporary music, performative and visual arts. We wish our artistic endeavours to become a vehicle of cultural change, laying the foundations of new sensitivity and providing food for thoughts about future things.

Recurrent and regular undertakings of the CICI Crossroads provide a framework for implementing artistic pursuits and define our areas of interest. We organize The Festival of Traditional and Avant-Garde Music CODES, The Festival of Art in Public Space OPEN CITY, The Oldest Songs of Europe International Festival, workshops of traditional singing, improvisation, concerts and many other cultural events.

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