Join us for the XIII CODES Festival!

Join us for the XIII CODES Festival!

The 13th edition of the Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES, organized and produced by the Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads”, will take place between May 12th-15th, 2021.

From its beginnings, CODES drew inspiration from the persistence and evolution of cultural phenomena, the journey of signs, symbols, and myths; tracking the unobvious connections between the old and the modern, the archaic and the new. We presented the parallels between the old music material and contemporary practices.

This year’s edition motto is “Recalling”; it refers to the reflections and the mutual inspiration of the forms of the early and the new music. The Festival will include the historical and ethnic musicality inspired by the Renaissance, Baroque, Polish and Estonian traditions as well as the contemporary music genres – improvised, variete, club, dance, meditative, engaged, and therapeutic music.

Our festival recalling goes into many different directions this year: from the forgotten sounds of the lost cultures; through distant islands; to intimate tangles of corporeality and sounds, and towards the eternal Platonic ideas.

The programme of the 13th edition of the Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES will comprise the following events:


  • In the framework of the Festival, the audience will hear and watch the soloist of the idiomatic Decoder group, Carola Schaal, in the performance “Encounter: Bonny Crude Dances with an Amazone”. The performance will take place at the CODE’s pavilion on Litewski Square. It will address the problem of loneliness caused by the pandemic, the need for closeness, and existential fear.
  • The excellent singer Adam Strug will perform the most beautiful Kurpie songs, which are the work of an anonymous musical and literary genius. The realistic anthropology of these sung pieces, combined with the natural, rough vocal emission, make Strug’s performances a true tearjerker.
  • Flutist Ania Karpowicz will present the stage premiere of the feminist project TOVA. The compositions performed during the evening will cover existential themes, and combine them with social rituals; the scream of despair with the need for closeness; worship of the body with the experience of everyday life.
  • The Netherland-based, well-known Polish harpsichordist Gośka Isphording will perform a recital made of pieces by composers such as Hugo Morales Murguia, Paweł Hendrich, Cezary Duchnowski, Kuba Krzewiński, Karol Nepelski, Pierre Jodlowski.
  • One of the most prominent figures of the contemporary piano – soloist of the Ensemble Garage, Małgorzata Walentynowicz, will perform a recital featuring the series by Luc Ferrari and a premiere work by Krzysztof Wołek.
  • VOXNOVA ITALIA, a group led by Nicholas Isherwood, the legendary bass-baritone known for his performances in Karlheinz Stockhausen’s pieces, will perform their programme “Scelsi, Byzantium And The Alchemists” in a church.
  • The festival’s night music meditations called “Dream Band” will be filled with music by Morton Feldman and Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. The world of dreams, distractions, but also delirium will be recalled. The “JAGD” composition will also sound, which will be devoted to hunting signals, hunting rituals related to St. Hubertus.
  • Radical Polish Ansambl will be the host of the traditional “Dance Night”. The artists will present a non-obvious version of themselves performing the so-called suits, i.e. favourite music sets from masters from the area of Rawa, Łęczyca, Radom, Rzeszów, and the Lublin region, thus evoking the spirit of joyful party which we have forgotten during the pandemic sadness.


Despite the pandemic turmoil, the CODES Festival will as always, be a venue for concerts, performances, and musical shows, but due to safety requirements, all events will be streamed on the website: and in the CODE’s pavilion ( Square in front of the Centre for Culture in Lublin ). More info find here.


*Co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from funds of the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the “Music” program, obtained from subsidies established in games subject to state monopoly, in accordance with Art. 80 sec. 1 of the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

*The Society of Authors ZAiKS is a Partner of CODES Festival.



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